Category: Investment Planning

Higher Bank Savings Rates

Ever wonder if there is a way to increase the interest you receive on your bank savings/checking account?  In this low interest rate environment, it’s a great question and one I receive frequently. One of the many great things about our country is entrepreneurship; new businesses… Continue Reading “Higher Bank Savings Rates”

Saving for a Child/Grandchild

What are some ways that you can save for a child or grandchild, and how do those accounts affect college aid in the future?  Here are two types of popular accounts, details on taxation, along with how they affect college aid in the future.… Continue Reading “Saving for a Child/Grandchild”

Q1 Market Summary

Weekly Update – Q1 Market Summary Equity markets saw their best quarter since the 2008-2009 Great Recession.  Here are the returns of several notable asset classes to start 2019: These returns come on the heels a significant pullback in the fourth quarter of 2018 that… Continue Reading “Q1 Market Summary”

IRA Contributions

Weekly Update – IRA Contributions It’s not too late to make a contribution to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for the 2018 tax year as the deadline is April 15th, 2019.  An individual can contribute up to $5,500 if under the age of 50, and $6,500… Continue Reading “IRA Contributions”