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KF Update – Inflation Thoughts

6 Minute Read Good afternoon, I hope this emails finds you well and you are getting ready for some wonderful weather headed our way in upstate New York. I wanted to touch on a few of this week’s events in the markets, particularly the… Continue Reading “KF Update – Inflation Thoughts”

KF UPdate – Taxes, IRAs, & Market Thoughts

4 Minute Read Good afternoon and Happy Spring!  A beautiful few days in the forecast in upstate New York, golf courses are starting to open, and Syracuse came out with a great performance and win in the opening round of the NCAA tournament!  Things are… Continue Reading “KF UPdate – Taxes, IRAs, & Market Thoughts”

KF Update – Gamestop Craziness

3 Minute Read While the price swings in GameStop are getting the headlines, that is just the tip of the iceberg of one of the most incredible stories, and incredible weeks in Wall Street history.  When AOC and Don Trump Jr. are on the… Continue Reading “KF Update – Gamestop Craziness”

KF Update – Charitable Giving

4 Minute Read Strategies around charitable giving have evolved since the updates in the most recent tax law, specifically changes around the standard deduction. Far fewer people have the ability to itemize and take a tax deduction for their charitable gifts. That said, there… Continue Reading “KF Update – Charitable Giving”

KF Update – Year End Planning

4 Minute Read Good morning, I hope this email finds you and your families well, and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. With the dust mostly settled around the election (except for an incredibly close local house seat), I thought we could shift focus to some… Continue Reading “KF Update – Year End Planning”