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Long-Term Care Discussion

3 Minute Read Long-term care is increasingly becoming one of the more complicated financial planning items for individuals, couples, and families as it is so difficult to project and plan.

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

4 Minute Read As you may have heard, the credit rating agency Equifax has recently offered a settlement to all individuals affected by their much-publicized data breach.

Average 401(k) Savings by Age

2 Minute Read A question I am asked frequently when discussing retirement; how much should I have saved?  Some “experts” claim you need to replace 80% of your pre-retirement income, while other marketing campaigns by financial services companies want us to believe that we need close to… Continue Reading “Average 401(k) Savings by Age”

Let Bonds Be Bonds

2 Minute Read While browsing Yahoo Finance this week, a particular article caught my eye, “Regulators Alarmed by Risky Loans, But Don’t Know Who Holds Them.” The risky loans these regulators are worried about are called leveraged loans, and prominent voices in finance and economics have been… Continue Reading “Let Bonds Be Bonds”

Cannabis Investing

2 Minute Read The Cannabis industry has been experiencing exploding growth as the drug continues to be decriminalized across the US, and its medical uses are expanding into more treatment programs for individuals. This begs the question, should you invest in this young, but growing industry?  I took a… Continue Reading “Cannabis Investing”