Our Process

Deciding on whether or not to meet with a financial planner can be intimidating. Is there a cost, how do they help, and what kind of questions should I ask?

At Kane Financial, we try and lessen that intimidation through an organized financial planning process guided by friendly, experienced team members.


A meeting focused on learning about a prospective client’s financial picture, goals, and concerns. We will also provide a brief overview of our practice, how we are compensated, and what it is like to be a client.


We then go to work, taking the information gathered from the discovery meeting and provide specific recommendations around a prospective client’s goals. This is provided in a clean, simple format visualizing the financial plan.


If you choose to work with our practice, we hold an onboarding meeting to introduce you to the technology platforms and resources available to you as a client. We will also set a regular review meeting schedule.

Ongoing Reviews

Financial plans are not static, and a critical part of the planning process includes meeting at least once per year. During these meetings we will update a client’s financial plan, review account performance, and revisit goals.


Clients receive a monthly email and quarterly letter with topical information around financial planning, investing, and any relevant market/economic news along with our analysis. We also encourage clients to contact us at any time with any questions they may have.