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Thoughtfully Rolling a Workplace Retirement Plan to an IRA

3 Minute Read When you retire or leave your place of employment, you have the option to leave your money in your company plan, or roll the money to an IRA. The IRA can provide several benefits including more investment options, professional management, personalized…

Starting a Small Business Retirement Plan

Starting a retirement plan for your business can have positive tax and savings impacts for both employers and employees.  Choosing the type of plan that best suits your business will depend on the size of your business, and the amount you would like to…

What is a 401(k) Analysis?

When meeting with clients, I always ask about their 401(k) plan and exactly how it works.  Many are familiar with the basics; they are investing X percentage of their pay, their employer is matching Y percentage, and they are invested in a portfolio that…

Beneficiary Planning

Estate planning can inevitably bring up uncomfortable conversations.  While these conversations can be difficult, the actual planning itself can go relatively smooth with the help of an experienced financial planner.

Retirement Planning for 2019

As we wrap up 2018 and our year end planning, it is now time to look towards some retirement planning items for 2019.  Below, are several proactive steps that you can take to prepare and update your retirement plan for 2019.